In as far as possible, we wish to keep eBooks published by Team TWAGAA… FREE !

Why Free?

Because you may donate any amount later if you like the eBooks that are being created by Team TWAGAA. Those who donate are donating funds for them who can enjoy the pleasure of reading books only if the books are available FREE.

What happens to the amount donated by you?

With your support, we will continue publishing original books by collaborating with like-minded creators… and make the eBooks available FREE to a larger audience!

How else does TWAGAA sustain?

  1. We provide book publishing services under our publication.
  2. We sell hard copies of books published by us.
  3. We also sell few eBooks which we are not able to offer for free.
  4. We sell creative merchandise, arts and games made in collaboration with like-minded people.

Where can you buy TWAGAA products?

Our online store is being set up and will be ready in few days. Other than our own store, we will be selling our products through online channels and distribution partners. Watch this space… we will announce about our stores soon :)!

Can TWAGAA help publish your book?

Yes, we provide end-to-end solution and service when you engage us for publishing your book. To know more, please get in touch with us by submitting the form below.

Anything more?

‘King’ and ‘Queen’ donators are sent hard copies of the book they had made donation for. Do remember to leave your postal address while filling the checkout form.

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