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Book Publishing Services

We provide end-to-end services for book publishing.

We also provide specific services in part.

We are flexible and here to help you in full or in part.


When you decide to publish your work, it helps greatly to have a comprehensive overview of the publishing industry.

We update you on the details of this overview so that you have a reasonably good clarity prior to submitting your manuscript to a publisher.

  • How does the industry work?
  • What are the options available to you?
    • Traditional Publishing
    • Self Publishing (by self)
    • Self Publishing (by a publisher)
  • Which option works best for your needs?
  • What all you may do independently?
  • Where will you need assistance?
    • Full publishing
    • Design
    • Printing
    • Distribution
    • Marketing
    • Post Publish Management (PPM)
  • How to manage the whole life cycle of your book?
  • How to manage your brand?
  • What all to remember once your work is published?

…and Many more such fundamentals.


We help you understand your work better by clearly benchmarking it to the various popular industry standards. This helps you decide on the salient specifications that make your work stand out for the right audience and for the right reasons.

We let you know about managing your rights and delegations keeping your best interest in mind.

  • What are your Rights as a creator?
  • Which Rights to outsource and delegate?
  • What are the industry standards for Rights?
  • What are the optimal book specs for your book?
  • Which design parameters to ensure?
  • Where is all the distribution of my book?
  • How much does it typically cost to print books?
  • How can you manage inventory?
  • How to decide on print specification and run?
  • How to manage fulfillment?
  • How to calculate Royalty?
  • How to get more Royalty per sale?
  • Should your book be translated into multiple languages?
  • Does your book require covers?
  • Is multiple book editions fruitful?

…and more


Knowhow about how the publishing industry works, and how your book best fits into it, automatically brings clarity about how your books must be designed.

With over 20 years of experience in designing content for multiple industries, we bring you the experience and the skills that your book deserves.

  • Inside Pages Design
    • Basic
    • Premium
  • Book Cover Design
    • Basic
    • Premium
  • Book Cover Design (Advanced)
    • Jacket Design
    • Case Design
    • Special Treatment (UV, Foiling) Design
  • Supporting Design Services
    • Inside Pages Illustrations
    • Cover Illustrations
    • Inside Page Graphics, Tables, etc.
  • Book Graphics Treatments
    • Touch up
    • Manipulations
    • Cut-outs
  • Customized Design for Special books e.g. pop-ups, children’s books, etc.


No matter how good your language skills are, your book needs an edit and subsequently proofing. Period!

Irrespective of the type of service availed, we proofread your manuscript for grammar, spelling, punctuations, sentence flow, and jargon. We ensure that the writing style of the author is consistent. Proofing is done twice – once on the edited manuscript and later after the book has been designed.

  • Editing (Before Design)
    • Basic
    • Advanced
  • Proofing
    • Before Design
    • After Design


Once your book is designed, we help you to package the book for release digitally as eBook, and in print as Paperback and Hardcover. We ensure that all industry packaging standards are followed for distribution through multiple channel, meeting each channels unique requirement.

  • eBook conversion
    • ePub format
    • Mobi format
    • Flowable conversion
    • Non-flowable conversion
  • Print-readiness
    • For paperback inside pages
    • For hardcover inside pages
    • For paperback cover
    • For hardcover cover
    • Jacket cover
    • Case cover
    • Special treatment files
  • Open files packaging
    • Inside pages
    • Cover pages

…and more


Once your book is ready, it’s time to reach your readers. We provide printing services for both paperback and hardcover formats.

We also help to stock your books in case you wish to print in bulk and need a place to store your books.

  • Bulk printing
    • Digital printing for up to 500-750 copies
    • Offset printing for above 500-750 copies
  • Small batch printing (up to 100 copies print-run)
  • On-Demand/Zero-inventory printing (as less as 1 copy can be printed)
  • Stocking
    • Up to 25 copies are stocked with TWAGAA
    • The remaining copies are kept with the creator
    • When TWAGAA inventory runs low, the creator sends another 25 copies to TWAGAA
  • Warehousing
    • We stock 100 or more copies in our godown
    • We stock more than 100 pieces in third-party rental services


We help creators to distribute their work through multiple channels. We are open to ideas that help creators to reach out to more and more of their patrons.

When you distribute your work with us, we also ensure that fulfillment is taken care of promptly.

Depending on how the distribution is planned and inventory is stocked, we have multiple distribution options:

  • Distribution (eBook)
    • Creator’s Amazon KDP account
    • Creator’s IngramSpark account
    • Creator’s Website
    • TWAGAA’s Amazon KDP account
    • TWAGAA’s IngramSpark account
    • TWAGAA’s Website (Expected to go live by Aug-2022)
  • Distribution (Paperback & Hardcover)
    • On-Demand basis from Amazon KDP
    • On-Demand basis from IngramSpark
    • TWAGAA’s Amazon KDP account
    • Creator’s Website
    • TWAGAA’s IngramSpark account
    • TWAGAA’s Website (Expected to go live by Aug-2022)
    • Direct orders to TWAGAA
      • Small orders (Upto 50 copies)
      • Bulk orders (more than 50 copies)
    • Book Distributors
      • We will introduce you to a book distributor who can help you distribute the books. This arrangement will be directly between creator and book distributor with TWAGAA’s involvement in only introduction


TWAGAA also provides services for the following. For -the services that we do not provide in-house, we will introduce you to the skilled people in our network so that your work meets the desired end.

Subject to how the book is printed (bulk, small-batch, on-demand) and how the book is stocked (with TWAGAA, warehouse, creator), our fulfillment services are planned to cater to all needs.

  • Fulfillment managed by TWAGAA end to end
    • Part Inventory is kept with TWAGAA
    • The book is in Print-on-Demand mode
    • When an order is received, TWAGAA fulfills the order
  • Drop-Shipping
    • Full inventory is kept with the creator
    • When an order is received, TWAGAA informs the author
    • The author dispatches the parcel from their end


When your book has the potential to be the next blockbuster on-screen, TWAGAA will help you realize the potential by putting it through the right hands.

We will also help you with the agreement with the studio in order to protect your interests and copyright.

  • We will help you prepare the pitch deck/presentation to the studios and film producers in a format where they understand the potential of your book to become a blockbuster
  • We will introduce you to the best people in the media industry who will push your book to the right studios and film producers
  • When, and if, you need assistance in preparing the script and screenplay, we will introduce you to the specialists

10 \ ADD-ONS

TWAGAA also provides services for the following. For -the services that we do not provide in-house, we will introduce you to the skilled people in our network so that your work meets the desired end.

  • Translation to any language
  • Ghost-writers
  • Co-writers
  • Marketing Kit Design
  • Author/Book Websites
  • Marketing Managers
  • Social Media Managers

Let us know what else you wish from us. We will try to fulfill your requirements in your journey to realize your potential.

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