Superhero Gods
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The Marvel of TWAGAA “Superhero Gods”

Step into a realm of Gods to emerge as a Superhero yourself!
Experience their timeless charm and energy, and discover the One that is in you.

At TWAGAA, we believe Gods to be cultural icons with virtues and qualities befitting of Superheroes.

Let’s embark on a journey with these timeless Superheroes who transcend religions, traditions and beliefs.

🌟 TWAGAA – Bridging the Ancient and the Now! 🌟

Embrace the synergy of tradition and innovation as we redefine mythology for the modern era.

🎨 Original Artistry

TWAGAA’s illustrations by Anastasiia are a visual symphony, breaking free from convention. With pastel hues and whimsical features, we present gods as adorable yet powerful beings. Step into a world where divinity meets artistic innovation, creating an emotional connection with each masterpiece.

🌈 Embody Godly Virtues

Discover gods from diverse Indian beliefs reimagined as cultural icons, each embodying qualities that make them superheroes. From the prosperous Laxmi to the powerful Shiva, these characters aren’t distant deities; they are inspiring figures with virtues for everyone to embrace.

📚 Explore and Acquire

Dive into the “Superhero Gods” universe at twagaa.com, our online haven where the divine meets the contemporary. Amazon enthusiasts, find some of our products conveniently on the Amazon platform.

👚 Attire Infused with Power

Wrap yourself with our T-shirts – designed for Kids, Women, and Men. In black and white hues, each shirt showcases a Superhero God, inviting you to embrace their unique qualities. You are “Superhero X” – show your spirits, your roots, your power!

🖼️ Art Prints – Gateway to Beauty

Elevate your space with our art prints, available in three sizes and two paper qualities. Immerse your surroundings in the divine energy of our reimagined gods, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary aesthetics.

📅 Coming Soon – More Adventures Await!

Stay enchanted as TWAGAA unveils upcoming delights – games, postcards, books, and an array of merchandise. The saga continues, and the adventure is set to expand!

Superhero T-Shirts

Superhero Postcards


Superhero Art-Prints & Frames

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