Postcards – Superhero Gods from India
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Postcards – Superhero Gods from India



Pack of 16 postcards showing the diversity of beliefs and culture in India.

Experience the timeless charm and energy of Superhero Gods. Embark on a journey of self-discovery with them to find the One that is in you.


POST | FRAME | COLLECT | GIFT… Stay Blessed!


Number of postcards: 16

Postcards Size (cm) / Weight (kg): 10 (width) x 15 (height) / 0.080

Frame Size (cm) / Weight (kg): 15 (width) x 20 (height) x 2 (depth) / 0.21


Embark on a journey through the rich Indian mythology and spirituality with our exclusive collection of postcards featuring 16 revered Superhero Gods.
Crafted on textured eco-friendly premium paper, each postcard is a masterpiece, perfect for framing, gifting, or posting to a loved one.
Stay blessed, and may the Gods always be by your side.


1. Laxmi, The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity
Marvel at the radiant beauty of Laxmi, who brings abundance and fortune into our lives.

2. Ganesh, The Remover of Obstacles
Invoke the wisdom and strength of Ganesh as he guides you through life’s challenges with his gentle yet powerful presence.

3. Durga, The Invincible Warrior Goddess
Witness the awe-inspiring form of Durga, who vanquishes evil and protects her devotees with unwavering courage.

4. Shiva, The Supreme Destroyer and Creator
Be captivated by the enigmatic aura of Shiva, the embodiment of transformation, destruction, and renewal.

5. Ram, The Ideal King and Divine Avatar
Find solace in the noble and virtuous image of Ram, whose life serves as a timeless example of righteousness and honor.

6. Jesus, The Savior and Healer
Experience the divine compassion of Jesus, whose love transcends boundaries and brings hope to all who seek it.

7. Hanuman, The Devoted Servant and Mighty Warrior
Draw strength from the unwavering loyalty and unmatched prowess of Hanuman, the epitome of devotion and valor.

8. Saraswati, The Goddess of Knowledge and Arts
Celebrate the creative spirit within with Saraswati, who bestows wisdom, inspiration, and artistic expression upon her devotees.

9. Guru Nanak, The Enlightened Teacher and Founder of Sikhism
Embrace the teachings of Guru Nanak, whose message of equality, compassion, and unity resonates across generations.

10. Kali, The Fierce Goddess of Time and Change
Embrace the transformative power of Kali, who destroys illusions and empowers her devotees to embrace change fearlessly.

11. Krishna, The Divine Cowherd and Supreme Personality of Godhead
Experience the divine playfulness and unconditional love of Krishna, whose enchanting presence fills hearts with joy and devotion.

12. Buddha, The Enlightened One and Founder of Buddhism
Find peace and serenity in the tranquil gaze of Buddha, whose teachings illuminate the path to enlightenment and inner harmony.

13. Allah, The Merciful and Compassionate
Submit to the boundless love and mercy of Allah, whose guidance and grace lead believers towards righteousness and peace.

14. Vishnu, The Preserver and Sustainer of the Universe
Marvel at the divine majesty of Vishnu, whose eternal presence ensures the balance and harmony of creation.

15. Zoroaster, The Prophet and Founder of Zoroastrianism
Discover the timeless wisdom of Zoroaster, whose teachings of truth, righteousness, and cosmic order continue to inspire seekers of enlightenment.

16. Mahavir, The Great Ascetic and Founder of Jainism
Contemplate the path of non-violence and spiritual liberation with Mahavir, whose teachings of compassion and self-discipline lead towards spiritual enlightenment.


Postcard details

  • The postcards are printed on natural evolution paper on digital printers.
  • The paper is not coated or laminated.
  • The sleeve is made from artcard paper, digitally printed and matt laminated.


Frame details

  • The frame is made from fibreboard and paper foil.
  • This frame is ideal to use with adhesive hook. With the hook you can easily hang the frame without nails or screws and decorate your walls with pictures.
  • PH-neutral mount; will not discolour the picture. Front protection in polystyrene plastic makes the frame safer to use.
  • Mount included. The mount will not turn yellow since it is acid-free.
  • Clean with a duster.
Additional Information
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 16 × 21 × 5 cm
Postcards & Frames

Postcards only, Postcards + 1 White Frame, Postcards + 1 Black Frame, Postcards + 1 White Frame + 1 Black Frame, Postcards + 2 White Frames, Postcards + 2 Black Frames

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